Lane Splitter Indian Sport Chief Riser

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping if ordered with extended brake and Clutch Cable.

This is our initial Riser Option for the Sport Chief Platform.:

You can run these risers on any Indian Chief platform by adding the Sport Chief MOUNT-GAUGE, Item # 5144515-266.  Click here to buy:

7.5 Riser is 2" taller and has approx. 2" of pullback over the stock height factory risers.

9.5 Riser is 4" taller and has approx. 3.5" of pullback over the stock height factory risers.

Available in 3 Finishes:

Raw Aluminum

Black Anodize

Mirror Polish

These risers are bolt on, utilize your stock Sport Chief speedometer mount and work with the stock wiring.

You will need a +2" or a +4 Brake and Clutch Cable. You can add Barnet cables onto your order through us or source on your own.