Chief and Chieftain Chain Drive Conversion

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We know that all our parts are priced at a premium.  The primary reason for this is because were doing them on a relatively small scale for a niche market while simultaneously striving to produce the highest quality parts we can.  We have spent a lot of money, time and effort to design and get these parts figured out.  Our biggest hope is that we are meeting YOUR expectations and you are enjoying the products we have been making for you.  Your support is truly appreciated, and we look forward to brining you more products as time goes on! 


This chain conversion kit replaces the belt drive system on Indian Chieftain and Chief models.

The standard kit comes with:

-1 Front sprocket

-1 rear sprocket

-1 Cush-drive adapter with dual-row precision sealed ball-bearings installed

-All necessary hardware.

The sprockets and Cush-adapter components in this kit are precision machined specifically for us and are available in a few finishes.

You can also add a 530 heavy duty sealed Chain with rivet link to your kit. Adding the chain makes your kit basically plug-and-play.  

Or you can source and supply your own chain.  

Sprockets currently offered are as follows:

Front: 25Tooth machined from 4130 Chromoly, heat treated and finished in electroless nickel.

Rear: Our stylish 57 Tooth rear sprocket is machined from High strength 7075-T6 aluminum and is available in Natural as machined, Black Anodize or Polished.  If installed on Sport Chiefs, it will match the stock rear wheel.  On all other models the design is still complementary and nicer than the standard hole patter common in aftermarket  sprockets.

This 25:57 tooth provides a final drive ratio that is very similar to stock. 

***We plan to additional rear sprocket size options in the future.   However, with minimal modifications, many aftermarket rear sprockets can be made to work with our cush-drive adapter.  This allows you to tweak your  final drive gear ratios on your own.  However, you do so at your own risk.

Our cush-drive adapter is machined from High strength 7075 Aluminum as well and will come in the same color you choose for your rear sprocket.

Heavy Duty Sealed 530 Chains offered:



Black and Chrome

Black and Gold



Custom Color options available for an added fee + increased timeframe

***Please use your head and modify your bike at your own risk! Please follow normal chain maintenance procedures once installed.  Avoid running your chain too tightly as it can cause pre-mature wear on all components.***

  Barnstorm is not responsibly for any damage, injury or other unforeseen outcomes as a result of improper or inexperienced installation procedures, negligence or failure to follow recommendations.