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Built for the performance minded rider, Barnstorm's Mid Control kit changes the rider ergonomics significantly as compared to stock.   This change allows the rider to sit in a more aggressive and flexible riding position, opening up the full potential of the Challenger platform.   The kit also completely changes the visual dynamic of the machine, complementing and building upon the performance-inspired heritage of the Challenger platform.  The components of this kit replace the factory brake side stator cover and primary side cold start cover.  Installation of all supplied parts is 100% bolt-on and will work with your stock exhaust.*

We consider our Mid kit to be a DIY friendly modification that is 90% bolt on.    However, it does require a few basic skills and basic tools.  You'll need to be able to follow specific installation steps, as well as be able to properly disassemble and reassemble critical components.  Installation also requires carefully re-positioning a portion of the rear brake line, and bleeding your brakes afterwards.  This procedure moves the location of the stock banjo fitting so that it lines up with the supplied Brake Line adaptor fitting once it is installed. Allow 3-5 hours of installation time for the average DIY'er.  If you don't feel confident that you will be able to correctly install this kit, please contact us!! We would be happy to try and help set you up with a shop local to you who can perform the installation! 

Steps For Ordering Your Kit:

Step 1: Choose the finish of your Mid Control Kit. (Raw Machined, Black Anodized, or Mirror Polished Aluminum)

Step 2: Choose to order with or without Flo MX Foot Pegs, Brake Peg, and Shift Peg.   (The Mid control mounts accept most aftermarket HD style pegs and shift pegs, if you don't want to run the Flo options.)

Step 3: If you choose w/ Flo MX Pegs, choose your color.

Step 4: Add to Cart

What's Included:**

Mid Control Kit

  • Machined Stator Housing Cover available in raw machined, anodized black, or mirror polished.
  • Machined Brake Lever available in raw machined, anodized black, or mirror polished.
  • Machined Brake Line Adaptor Plate available in raw machined, anodized black, or mirror polished.
  • Machined Primary Shift Side Housing Cover available in raw machined, anodized black, or mirror polished.
  • Machined Shift Lever available in raw machined, anodized black, or mirror polished.
  • Machined Floorboard Mount Cover available in raw machined, anodized black or mirror polished.
  • All required hardware, gaskets, brake line, banjo fittings, banjo bolts, and AN fittings.
  • All Machined parts are machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum right here in the USA!


  • FlowMoto MX footpegs, brake lever peg, and shifter peg in Black, Gold, Red, Chrome.

Mid Kit Installation Notes:

Every Mid Kit comes with all the parts you will need for the installation of the components you have ordered.  Some of the hardware you take off of your stock covers will be reused.  Please take great caution when removing your stator from the stock cover and installing it into the new cover.  Use new gasket and stator hardware supplied.  Also be very careful when offering the new cover and stator assembly to the rotor and engine case.  There is a strong magnetic force at that moment which can pinch fingers!  Detailed installation video and instructions coming soon! 


Other Notes:

**Photos are of original prototypes.  Actual parts will differ slightly in design, but not in function.

***In the unlikely event we do not receive enough orders to fulfill our manufacturing minimums, all Pre-Orders will be FULLY refunded.

Barnstorm is not responsibly for any damage, injury or other unforeseen outcomes as a result of improper or inexperienced installation procedures, negligence or failure to follow recommendations.

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